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DCHGlobal Inc. builds buildings using the DCHGlobal Building System. We are the developer, architect, general contractor, and sales broker.  Please visit our Listings page for our current listings.

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The DCHGlobal Building System synchronizes standardization with design flexibility through a set of manufactured structural and architectural components. The standardized structural, architectural, and building components fit together like an erector set and allow for shop assembly for efficient, precise, and fast construction in any location, climate, or terrain.

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DCHGlobal has designed and developed environmentally-friendly homes and buildings with close attention to both form and function. Please click here to visit our our Gallery.

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Our portfolio consists of completed homes as well as homes currently for sale. Relic Rock is the prototype for the DCHGlobal Building System.

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DCHGlobal’s architecture, design, and innovation, coupled with the vision of founder David Hovey, Jr. AIA has led the firm to national and international recognition and awards, including the 2016 AIA Chicago Special Innovation Award and 2016 Chicago Interior Architecture Award.

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Read the latest news, publications, and articles on DCHGlobal, David Hovey, Jr. AIA, and DCHGlobal Projects.

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DCHGlobal is a partner member and has worked extensively with Stanford University's Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) and Strategic Building Innovation SBI to optimize component fabrication, cost, and building system efficiency and constructability.

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If you are interested investing in a DCHGlobal project, click here to learn more.

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